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Sensors Modules Starter Kit for Arduino + MCU Education User

Product Code: kitSensor01
Availability: Out Of Stock
Ex Tax: RM120.00

With this 37 in 1 ultimate package , you can do almost all the experiment for Arduino beginner.

Package Includes: 

1. Passive Buzzer Module
2. common-cathode RED&GREEN LED Module
3. Knock sensor module
4. Shock-switch sensor Module
5. Photo resistor sensor Module
6. Push button Module
7. tilt-switch Module
8. RGB LED Module
9. infrared-transmit Module
10. RGB LED Module
11. hydrargyrum-switch sensor Module
12. two-color commoncathode LED Module
13. Active buzzer Module
14. Analog-temperature sensor Module
15. Colorful Auto-flash Module
16. Magnet-ring sensor Module
17. Hall sensor Module
18. Infrared-receive sensor Module
19. Analogy-Hall sensor Module
20. Magic-ring Module
21. Rotate-encode Module
22. Light break sensor Module
23. Finger-Pulse sensor Module
24. Magnetic spring Module
25. Obstacle avoidance sensor Module
26. Tracking sensor Module
27. Microphone sensor Module
28. Laser-transmit Module
29. Relay Module
30. 18b20 temperature sensor Module
31. Digital-Temperature sensor Module
32. Linear-Hall Sensor Module
33. Flame sensor Module
34. High-sensitive voice sensor Module
35. humiture sensor Module
36. Joystick PS2 Module
37. touch sensor Module



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