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Sensor - Diffuse reflection IR Switch sensor

Product Code: SENIR
Availability: In Stock
Ex Tax: RM19.50

A proximity-sensing (diffused) arrangement is one in which the transmitted radiation must reflect off the object in order to reach the receiver. In this mode, an object is detected when the receiver sees the transmitted source rather than when it fails to see it.Can be applied in security system, manufacturing industry.


Green = Ground
Red = Vcc
Yellow = Data

Adjustable distance from 10cm to 50cm


  • Product Name : Photoelectric Switch;Sending Light : Infrared Rays;Model : E18-B03P1
  • Wire Type : DC 3 Wire, Proximity-sensing / Diffuse Type;Type : PNP;Voltage : DC 6-36V
  • Current : 300mA;Sensory Distance : 30cm;Head Diameter : 1.6cm/0.6''
  • Body Size : 2.3 x 7cm/0.9" x 2.7'' (Max.D*L);Material : Plastic, Alloy;Color : Black, Orange
  • Cable Length : 120cm/47'';Weight : 55g;Package Content : 1 x Photoelectric Switch

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