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Getting Start : BLUETOOTH HC-05 Module

Getting Start : BLUETOOTH HC-05 Module

Introduction :

In this article, I want share my experiment on Serial Port Bluetooth. You may need HC-05 Serial Port Bluetooth Module(Master/Slave)  and USB To Serial(TTL) Module.

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The JY-MCU Bluetooth Serial Port module defaults to 9600 or 38400 baud depending on the firmware loaded on it.  If you’ve ever dealt with an early dialup modem, you’ll feel right at home as this is done by sending AT commands to the module.

Step 1 : Establish a serial connection to the USB-to-Serial module

Please connect the module follow this schematic.


Step 2: Install Android Software

– download this file serialExample.apk

– upload it into your android device.

– install the serialExample.apk

Step 3. Follow the instruction in this video.

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